Faces Modeling Agency started in September 1987.

Initially we concentrated on the training of models as well as the presenting of fashion shows. During this period we paid attention to the training of models for the advertising industry and so we have grown into a full fledged agency giving opportunities to models, character models and children of all ages in the local and international advertising media.

We specialise in ordinary every day people of all ages – people with that extra activity like being able to act or dance or sport etc. and a granny or grandpa that want to impress their grandchildren by being seen on the TV screen or cinema. The interesting part of the industry is that it offers extra opportunities to so many people of different ethnic groups and ages to earn extra income.

It gives children an opportunity to assist their parents in the light of our present economic climate to save up for their education and cars that they may need once they finish school. It also gives the children a headstart in terms of confidence that may be lacking which will be valuable to them once they start their adult careers.

We have been very successful in all aspects of the industry and have a wonderful team at Faces that will make sure that the models on their books will be given all the opportunities in the market.

We work on a basis of the open day system where every detail of what the industry entails as well as what is expected of the models will be explained.

You can fill in our application form to be screened ahead of the open day.

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